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February 18, 2006

A hunting accident ends up being a story about the media

I don't hunt and I'm neither a Cheney advocate nor Cheney hater, so this hunting accident story doesn't grab me much, except as it has developed into a story about a "meltdown" (as some have characterized it) among some of our nation's more self-exulted egos. All this has served to remind me of the low regard I feel towards the Washington press corp and the major media outlets. I am thankful that I have learned to avoid them. I have not seen any of the reporting on this story itself. Indeed, I have not set eyes on a television news broadcast in a while, and am a happier, and I think better informed man because if it.

Some blogger who's post I have misplaced (I'll add a link if I can find it) noted that this media has determined that cartoons which have brought deadly riots to much of the world are not newsworthy, but an accident on a private ranch is the sort of news that cannot wait a few hours. Just as in the cartoon story, we can see through the words to the true motivation. The insult in Denmark was not to a prophet but to the authority of the Muslim leaders who forbid the publication of the cartoons, and the anger in the press is not that an important story was suppressed, as there is no important story here, but that they were circumvented.

Listening to them makes me angry and sad. A vigorous, honest and free press would be a wonderful thing at the moment, but we are not so fortunate.

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