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September 12, 2005

The frustration of those who were paying attention

Brendan Loy has been covering the Katrina impact since, well since before there was an "impact." Brendan, a student at Notre Dame, has done quite a lot in the past weeks to make "weather geeks" respectable (even admired!) I've been reading and commenting on his posts over at Bird's Eye View, but as the Katrina news becomes more of a political debate I've covering it over here.

Brendan has achieved some notice in the media for being "the blogger who saw it coming" (and the blogger who got linked by Instapundit.) We should point out that Brendan is not psychic, nor does he possess sophisticated weather monitoring equipment, just an internet connection. It seems that a young fellow with an interest in weather and an internet connection can do better than the higher government officials.

As someone who was paying attention (the critical ingredient in this disaster), Brendan reacts angrily to the Washington Post's in-depth report of government inaction in this crisis.

I experienced a bit of the feelings Brendan recounts, sitting up all night on Monday after the storm, too emotionally overwrought to sleep. I'd heard (over the internets, of course) the Mayor of New Orleans confirm 200 yard long levee breeches that were about to flood-out the pumps. I had a bit of the same feeling I had when I flipped on the television four years ago and saw WTC towers collapse. Not quite as bad, but similar. If you have read at all about the situation at New Orleans, you would know that a significant breech in the levee system was the "big one" for that city. I sat up all night looking for more news and coverage on the TV but no one was reacting. New Orleans was flooding, people were dying, and there was this maddening silence. What was strange was that I could know this in California, but the people who could do something in Louisiana did not.

In any case, I'll let Brendan do the talking.

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