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February 09, 2005

Who is this Radical Centrist?

The judges of the King of the Blogs contest were concerned, apparently, that it was not immediately apparent who is writing this blog. Well, I guess that was by design. Some people have credentials that add credibility and weight to their words. I don't. I'm not a professor of anything. I could toss around some impressive honors and experience in the field of software architecture, but I'm not blogging about software architecture. So I figured, "If you don't have anything impressive to say, don't say anything." This is, however, not the first time someone has commented or emailed on the confusion that an anonymous author causes. So I guess I have to blow my cover.

Gad_cutline1_small_1I've let on that I also blog at Birds Eye View. There's a picture there that one judge thinks might be a sketch of me. Actually, its a photograph of me that I've altered using the popular technique known as "fiddling with Photoshop." (I think that should be a line from my biography, "He had a face that looked like God was sketching when he created it.")

The other biographical details don't add much color, I'm afraid. I'm a white married male with two kids (one of each sex) and two cars. I'm a middle-aged, middle-income, moderate Episcopalian. I do live in the fabled "Vale of Silicon" where I design software, when I'm not writing blogs. I guess that's a little different. And I own a bunch of computers, having purchased my first PC in 1984. I connect them all with a painstakingly secured wireless network that includes my stereo and tivo. I purchased my first domain name over a decade ago and saw a demonstration of the Mosaic browser by Marc Andreessen in the early '90s, which I guess makes me a paleo-nerd, of sorts. I recently had a chance to spend some time chatting with Doug Englebart, who is something of a personal hero.

Politically, there's not much to say. I have met or know through friends and family some important people in politics, mostly Republicans but some Democrats as well. I'm on mailing lists for both wings of the political spectrum, so I get an interesting mix of emails some days. I'm a big fan or our new Governor (a political fan, I'm not really into his movies). Along with some like minded Californians I've started a Blog association called the Bloginators, which is much more interesting than my bio (so check it out!)

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Well, when I submitted for the "Carnival" I guess I didn't take enough time to check out your site(s)....

Could not help but note the hat.....

My 2nd nickname is "Hatman", and in fact my story on hats garnered my an "Instalanche" a few weeks back....
I own somewhere upwards of 25 hats of all kinds.

Is this your hat? Or perhaps one of your hats?

Keep up the good work!

Paul "Duke" DeLand
Tampa, Florida

Posted by: Duke of DeLand | Mar 16, 2005 7:47:46 AM

Interested in a truly principled "centrist" political philosophy? Check out the URL www.freedomactivist.net/freedom.html. Of particular interest is my discussion of "leftists and rightists" at www.freedomactivist.net/freedom.html#leftistsrightists. The centrism I propose is a blend of "freedom to" and "freedom from" I call "optimal freedom" or "freedomism". Alternately, it could also be called "libertarian-liberationism".

Posted by: RIch Birkett | Mar 29, 2005 10:47:23 AM

If you are a paleo-nerd, I guess that makes me a real fossil. I went to university before they had a computer science curriculum. Was there when Dr. Anthony Ralston wrote the first Encyclopedia of Computer Science, and founded the Computer Science department at University of Buffalo. Contributed to encyclopedia myself.

Also worked on computer models that were used to make the decision to initiate the Cruise Missile Program, versus the big old bombers.

Posted by: American Daughter | Sep 13, 2005 1:20:41 PM


Posted by: John F. | Apr 11, 2006 7:07:30 PM

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Usually, if a Democrat introduces a piece of legislation it must be wrong per the Republicans because the Republicans didn’t come up with it.

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